Attiva Radiofrequency

The Attiva Radiofrequency (RF) procedure is a cutting-edge aesthetic treatment that utilizes subdermal induced heat technology. This technology is based on the modulation of different current types, including continuous, fractional, and sequential currents. By uniformly heating the subdermal tissue layers with a powerful yet controlled energy, ATTIVA® enables precise and complete control over the results.


1. Anesthesia

Local anesthesia may be administered to ensure the patient's comfort during the procedure.

2. Cannula Insertion

The cannula, equipped with a built-in Double Temperature Control, is inserted into the treatment area.

3. Energy Delivery

An external thermo control camera constantly monitors the probe inside the tissues and the superficial skin temperature. Cannula delivers controlled energy to the sub dermal tissue layers, promoting skin tightening, facial lifting, or body contouring.

4. Real-time Monitoring

Throughout the procedure, the physician monitors the parameters and results to ensure safety and efficacy.

Benefits of Attiva Radiofrequency

1. Efficient and Safe

Patients demand efficient and safe procedures for skin improvement and body contouring.

2. Non-Surgical Minimally Invasive Technology

Attiva technology meets this demand, offering a non-surgical, minimally invasive approach.

3. Long-Lasting Results

While immediate enhancement may be visible, the full results are typically achieved after 2 to 3 months, allowing the body to produce new Elastin and collagen fibers.

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