Wound Care

A wound care specialist, such as Dr. Nguyen, is a medical professional who specializes in the treatment and management of various types of acute and chronic wounds all over the body (including lower extremities, abdominal and sacral areas). Dr Nguyen has advanced training enabling her to provide comprehensive care to individuals with acute or chronic wounds to promote healing, prevent complications, and enhance overall well-being.


Patients seeking wound care would benefit from seeing Dr. Nguyen due to her expertise as both a plastic/reconstructive surgeon and a wound care specialist. Dr. Nguyen’s dual qualifications uniquely position her to provide comprehensive and specialized care for a wide range of wounds. As a plastic/reconstructive surgeon, she possesses in-depth knowledge of the complex anatomy and physiology of the body, allowing her to assess wounds from a holistic perspective.

This understanding enables Dr. Nguyen to develop personalized treatment plans that not only promote healing but also consider aesthetic outcomes and functional restoration when necessary. Furthermore, her background in plastic surgery equips her with advanced surgical skills, enabling her to perform precise wound closures and reconstructive procedures when required. Dr. Nguyen’s multidisciplinary approach, attention to detail, and commitment to patient education make her an exceptional choice for individuals seeking wound care management and optimal long-term outcomes.

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